“The longer I live the less confidence I have in drugs and
the greater is my confidence in the regulation and administration of diet and regimen.”
John Redman Coxe (1773 -1864)




  • Due to the unique technology which opens the kelp cell wall, all the biologically active elements of brown algae are preserved.
  • This is a natural product which stores the physiologically perfect natural composition of nutrients of kelp.
  • Dietary fiber in a soluble form is digestible by the human body at 96-98%. The maximum degree of assimilation of each food component helps to achieve the best results in a short period of time.
  • Is easy to eat for  children (over 3 years) and  elderly people.
  • Is natural product with no side effects. The overdosing of organic iodine intake or other bio active elements of algae is almost impossible. The only required amount of them goes into the blood and nnd excess is excreted from the body.
  • Is sutable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Seaweed never tasted so good before!
    The composition of ingredients ensures  the good taste and smell of the product. 


  • Our body is hardly capable to digest this form: the cell wall of kelp consists of two layers
    - the inner layer consists of cellulose and bears the strength,
    - the outer wall layer is mainly algin and is gummy when wet but becomes hard and brittle when it dries out.
    The technology of production of powdered supplements from kelp involves processes of drying out, crushing and pressing. But the nutritional value from taking those dried tablets is very low as we have no enzymes to break the cellulose wall cell of kelp.
  • The biologically active elements of brown algae are NOT preserved.
  • Children and elderly people often have a big difficulty in swallowing capsuls.
  • The animal gelatin which is widely used in most capsules makes them impossible for the consumption of vegetarians/vegans.
  • Smell - one of the oldest and most important of the human senses which starts the digestive process by triggering of the production of gastric juice. As the gelatin capsule has no smell this complicates the task for our body. The whole natural way of digestion is interrupted.








The following distinguished features provide the innovation ot our UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY :

  • all cells of brown algae are opened without chemicals and high temperatures during the production process;
  • molecules of kept are in a native form;
  • ZERO chemicals;
  • ZERO toxic contaminants, including heavy metals and radionuclides